Friday, May 29, 2009


Maybe I just dont deserve to be a doc......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Changeover blues

Feeling very apprehensive..... about changeover...... As much as i wanted it to happen, now im not sure if im up to it after all. Going back to medicine, the tougher side of things, leaving behind the wonderful colleagues, leaving behind the early days..... Sighz.....

I suddenly feel very inadequate. I dont know if I can do this.

I so dont feel ready for the changeover......

Slavery wasnt that bad after all I guess.....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

1st MO call

It was the best call I've ever had..... in the past one year. I was supposed to run clinics with a senior MO and then of course go up to do post op reviews and help the HOs out if they hve any problems. It started off busy cos I was seeing patients continuously from 2.30pm plus till past 4.30 - almost till five forty five and I had not even changed. And then my senior MO came to relieve me and I went to bathe n change, after which we went for dinner.

We came back to the clinic and were seeing patients till about 10.30pm plus with me running up n down for a while to do reviews. Then, we decided to split the call. My MO told me to sleep from 10 to 3 while she covers and told me to take over from 3 to 8 which was a good deal. So I went to settle a few more changes n slept at 11pm. I woke up at 2 to relieve my MO cos I thought I would have to interrupt her more often at night so might as well let her sleep longer. So i went down to the clinic at 2 and was sitting there till 3.30am (saw only one patient in the meantime). I was then told by my nurses to go and sleep instead of sitting there and wastime time surfing FB. Haha..... So i went to sleep again. N the next time I was woken up was at 6! It was totally uninterrupted! ALthough I had a few mini nightmares of them calling n me not answering my phone. ;)

So in the end, I went to see 4 patients at 6 am after which I started rounds. And thanks to my dear friend's help I finished by 8. I could have technically left then except that i had to help to round another ward. Hence, finished rounds, had breakfast n LEFT! NO POST CALL CHANGES! WOO HOO!
Haha, maybe this is just a prelude to all the horrible medicine calls to come! So I better savour every single moment of this! :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MO posting - Day 1

So yesterday night I go to sleep as a HO and today morning when I wake up I'm an MO! Thatz really how it happens.....

From waiting for my MO to give instructions at ward rounds yesterday, I had to make the decisions today. It felt really odd. N scary..... N when my senior MO started quizzing me about theoretical stuff.....whoosh! I realised how much of mundane work ive been doing the past few months n how much my brain has been rotting..... Sighz!

N subsequently I had to run clinics..... Just thrown into a room n left to see patients on my own. Luckily, I was tagged to a senior MO for the earlier part of the day. But clinics are pretty interesting I must say..... Say quite a few interesting stuff.....

N we went for our 'post dates' dinner after work. Was pretty fun!
N Now Im super shack. Better knock off soon! Must be awake for clinics cm !

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last HO call

I din really wanna write about this call cos I thought it wouldnt be my last HO call afterall due to the extention of HO posting (thanks to swine flu). But indeed it did turn out to be my last HO call cos we are MOs from 5/5/09 as planned. Only difference is we stay put where ever we r now currently.

So Last call - in retrospect
For some reason I was super tired postcall even though the call wasnt really that bad on the whole. The 3 difficult back to back repairs were about the worst part of the call but I still felt as if I just finished a medicine call. Speaking about medicine calls, boy, it truely amazes me how I survived through those days. Even the worst call here, comes only close to a reasonable call in medicine. Those were the days!

So finally done with one year of calls! Really sounds like a lot eh? Haha