Monday, March 29, 2010

Itz all about enjoying the Journey

I just had a very inspirational chat with a Palliative medicine consultant today. Being in Oncology, we do tend to work very closely with the Pall Med team. And they are extremely nice people, absolutely befitting the profession they have taken up. She came into the room after reviewing one of my patients and I was summarising a patient's notes for mortality presentation. N so we started discussing about the patient and eventually the conversation steered towards what I applied for in the next mopex and so on. I've always felt very comfortable with her hence told her about how I didnt get through to Paeds and how my decision to apply for BST was delayed by that. And she started talking about her experiences and how itz not the end that matters cos the end will come anyway but itz the journey and the experiences during the journey that matter more (of course, not forgetting the caveat that itz provided that there are no major commitments in life at this point in time). Which is so true..... To be very frank, I never really felt the urge to rush through exams n get on with specialty training. I've always believed that it is important to be ready and feel confident about your own capabilities before moving on to the next stage in the career. I was surprised at the breadth of postings that she had completed before making the final call. And the fact that she had enjoyed every bit of the journey, even in the midst of a competitive crowd of colleagues who were aiming to reach the end faster. I guess, to be exact, there is no real end..... N there shouldnt be an end, or else life will stagnate at one point or another.

So, moral of the story: No matter what the results may be tmr, just gotta take it as part of the wole learning journey ;) Haha

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